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Guts pov

I felt my stomach gurgled  i really needed to use the pot holes I stood up from the table and I left Roderick stared at me with worry so did the rest of my friends puck flew up to me  and he sat on my shoulder

" need the pot hole too?"I asked puck

He nodded his head "lets go" I was glad I had company with me puck's pov

While we walked down the hall we found an pothole which tried it's best to look fancy ewwwww but we did not care we needed to go.after that business we left while guts walked down the halls with me flying by guts we then stopped

We were surprised to see jujiki standing there by the wall As if he was waiting for ..Guts. He was leaning against the wall, his eyes closed, a smirk playing about his lips. I didn't like him same with his brother they scared me jujiki's nose twitched and his smirk widened.

"I suppose you see something you like." Jujiki spoke,  ".....excuse me?" Guts said

I glared at him

What does he want with Guts?

"Yes," He purred,  Suddenly Jujiki put his  forehead against Guts's forehead, hands encasing over guts's waist, a body close to guts's body wtf!!! Is he doing to him!?. "Shh, you think too much." Jujiki said to guts

"Hey get off him you wacko!!!" I  yelled

But I was ignored then I waited for Guts to kick his ass!! For touching him like that But Guts did not do anything I looked at guts I gasp with terror guts was hypnotized!! "Guts" I yelled

"Wake up!"

 What has Jujiki done to him!?   Jujiki smiled at poor guts he purred and he leaned

 his cool lips brush against Guts's lips, he then leaned in and kissed guts's lips lightly.

Before that sicko could deepen the kiss

I then flew over and he hit jujiki right in his face he cringed in pain

Jujiki pulled back an inch, I could still see  his ugly  lips near Guts's lips, he growled under his breath. He was angry that he was interrupted thanks to me

 I tried pulled guts   away from jujiki ,  I looked up to see him glaring at me his eyes burning an ugly  crimson. I gulped, , he's definitely not normal but I had to be brave I had to protect guts "listen you asshole leave my friend alone!"

I yelled

"Guts!" A familiar voice yelled  I smiled it was serpico guts then came back to reality thank god."huh what happened?" Guts said,

           Guts pov

I then felt a hand on my shoulder. It was serpico .  I then heard jujiki growl ,

Puck then whispered something in serpico's ear serpico's eyes soon opened and he glared at jujiki with disgust puck glared at jujiki too... I looked at jujiki with fear did he try to hypnotized me? Oh...god

"Guts..are you ok?" Serpico asked, glancing over at Jujiki with distrust

"Yeah, I'm just tired ." I said, rubbing my forehead.

"Allow me to walk you and...your...friends back to the dining room." Jujiki said, bowing his head to us.

"No, were good, thanks!" Puck said rather too quickly and then we  bolted out of there before he could protest. I sighed in relief as we stepped out into the corridor, "serpico what just happened?"I asked

"Nothing don't worry everything is ok you..just had one of those moods guts you almost lost control.....but you managed"serpico said

Puck's pov " you think it's right to lie to guts" I whispered

Serpico looked at me and he whispered back to me

"........................puck ill tell guts  the truth once we leave this island sasjiki and jujiki really creep me out too ...."
Berserk belongs to miura this takes place in the early chapters of warmth during when jujiki and sasjiki invited guts and his party to come to they're supper party when they arrived on the island before guts was kidnapped
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